Wildlife Photography: Capturing The Egret’s Morning Catch

Morning Catch_sm

Snowy Egrets and Great Egrets

These past handful of years have bought be closer to these magnificent birds than I could ever have thought possible. I’ve made mention in a few previous posts I’m working on a book chronicling my adventures getting to know them. It’s close and I really look forward to it becoming a reality. I’ll be sure to post when I cross that particular ‘finish line’.

In the meanwhile, this is a painted graphic I did based on one of my photos of an egret making a morning catch. I gave him/her a bit of a curve similar to something I’d seen years ago in an old-fashioned lithograph.

… beautiful birds…

A slightly more color-filled version of this can be seen and or purchased on my FAA site.


Let me also make this post my official THANK YOU to everyone for visiting and otherwise supporting OBZERVASHUNAL and its TWO YEARS of existence!!!

I remember starting this blog and thinking I knew what it would become. It’s nice to see I was wrong. An adventure like a blog can have its own life and create its own direction. OBZERVASHUNAL did and continues to do so.

I may at some point ‘rework’ more of my first posts as a means of granting them new lfe, but one of the reasons I don’t do this more is so I can see where I came from  and how I got to the here and now. That I could come to a point where I’d even imagine creating enough work I’d want to do a book is a phenomenal thing for me.

Once again, thank you all.

K’lee L.© 2015/16

40 thoughts on “Wildlife Photography: Capturing The Egret’s Morning Catch

    1. Really, really appreciate your support, Melissa. I think my greatest challenge with the book is learning to let it go. I’ve nurtured it enough- it’s just about ready to head out into the world which is a very exciting prospect! Have a great day. K.


        1. Excellent, Melissa! Can I ask- is it literary or photographic… or both? I ask because I’m always excited to hear news someone is embarking on such an adventure and because I write as well. I’m seeking a little help (editor) to complete that one! I wish you the best of luck in any case and I hope to hear more as you progress.


          1. I know what you mean, it is exciting to have company down the creative path, isn’t it? I wish I could help you I have not abilities in editing. I hope you find a good one. My book will be a compilation of paintings and pen and ink drawings, with perhaps a little writing. I haven’t decided which direction to go with it~maybe a touch of science and a touch of poetry.

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          2. Yes, always. I get to witness this here on the WP all the time. When it comes to editing, as much as I actually enjoy doing it, there comes a time when professional help can make a big difference, so I’ll be on the lookout! Your book sounds like a great project in the making. I know with the egret book, I kept reminding myself just to get out there and not only take photos, but to be sure to enjoy the process. Because I stayed aware throughout, I feel like the wording I use comes directly from the experience. I have a feeling you’ll know which direction is right as you move along the path to completion. Stay open to your experiences and it will work out fine!


    1. Thank you, Jet! They really are amazing birds. As I’ve been compiling shots I’ve learned so much about them. It’s been a real pleasure following them and just observing… oh and taking their pictures too!
      Hard to believe two years have passed, but they’ve been filled with awesome blogging experiences and awesome people such as yourself. Thank you for your presence, Jet and for your own very inspiring blog.

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    1. Thank you, Ompong. The name comes from the ideal of an ‘observation deck’, a place to see everything happening around you. The first blog I ever created carried that title so I wanted this to feel like a continuation in a way. The spelling is just my way to make it unusual, I guess!

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  1. It was an honor to get to know you over the past two years K’lee, you inspired us all to be inspired by life, natures beauty, you shared wise words and thoughts of importance to you and it has been a pleasure to follow your work, your progress and your endless dedication to excellence. We all learn to grow, improve and better ourself in this community of wonderful people and you’re an exceptional member of this community. Thank you as well for letting us be a part of your world. You’re right on the point when you say “a blog can have his own life and create his own direction” I have lived through it, still do. I’m happy to hear that you will publish a ” bird book”, no doubt will have some wonderful images and your writing is excellent too, congrats on that!
    Now about this magnificent egret! You do know how to play up the beauty of these birds, the high contrast superbly framed in the bird and displayed her/his beauty for the highest impact. Great capture, wonderfully executed “curving”, it totally reflects the personality of these birds. WOW would be the perfect word for this beauty!
    Have a most wonderful week!

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    1. Can’t fully say how much your words mean, Eva. Thank you seems less than enough in some ways. I can also say it’s been a pleasure seeing your wonderful photos and illustrations. You have a singular talent and a phenomenal eye for detail, color, and what appeals universally. Thank you for sharing your work your challenges and hopes and dreams with us. It’s been and continues to be a true pleasure; one I am blessed to have discovered. Keep doing what you do. This world is abetter place because of people like you. Believe that.
      Have a great week!



    1. Thank you more than I can say. I can hardly believe two years have flown by! Learning to trust the process of creation has been the greatest lesson for me. Good to have found you as well. You have a fantastic site which feel a bit like visiting my beloved Botanical Garden here! Here’s to hoping we both continue to grow and express what Life needs us to express.
      best regards ~


  2. I find this stunning, particularly the way you unfold the process, and make the entire experience contemplative, a reflection of sorts of seeing the beautiful and almost clandestine in nature. Thank you for posting.


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