KLDesignz Feature of the Day: Enchantment at the Botanical Garden

Once more into the ‘springtime madness’ with something I call, ‘Enchantment’. I drew the inspiration from one of my favorite ‘spots in nature’ here in San Francisco- The Botanical Garden in Golden Gate Park.

With it being some time since I created anything for my ‘Z spot’ over at Zazzle, I thought I’d use this work as a template. The collection of items is currently small; only six to nine pieces. You can see those here.

For those of you bravely making your way through true winter, I salute you and hope this photo can if nothing else remind you Spring always follows Winter. The green IS coming!

K’lee L. © 2016

10 thoughts on “KLDesignz Feature of the Day: Enchantment at the Botanical Garden

    1. Thank you, my friend! It’s a blessing to have discovered this extraordinary location. I’ve yet to visit it and not immediately feel at peace and a deep sense of gratitude. A small slice of heaven on earth perhaps?


  1. Your beautiful image and hopeful words are indeed appreciated! We are starting to hear birds, here, and the breeze is a tad softer, so I think we’ll make it. I’m so jealous of you, getting to hang out at the San Francisco Botanic Garden. It does seem like a little bit of heaven, and I really like what you do with it.

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    1. Thank you, Melissa for the kind words! Good to hear Spring is making its way to you. Yes, the Botanical Garden is one of our absolute treasures here in San Francisco. Getting to see it come to life… is a bit of heaven. Finding ways to share what I experience only magnifies the appreciation.

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