Nature Photography: The Huntress and Her Game

Diana the Huntress_textured

Her name is Diana. In Roman mythology she is the goddess of the hunt and in some circles one of three goddesses associated with the moon. This statue, found at San Francisco’s Sutro Heights, shows her reaching for an arrow with her right hand, while her left hand is wrapped around the antler of a stag.

As luck would have it, I was passing by with camera in hand as the sun positioned itself directly behind her and her stag, offering me a great photo opportunity. As is many times the case, once back home I decided to ‘experiment’ on the photo. I added a bit of texture as well as a hint more saturation on the color.

You can find this work hanging out at my FAA site too should you wish to check it out.

K’lee L. © 2016

18 thoughts on “Nature Photography: The Huntress and Her Game

    1. Thanks, Dale as always I appreciate your making time for my posts and for sharing your thoughts.
      As I look at my ‘textured’ version of Diana, I can definitely see where you’re coming from. I’ve come to enjoy experimenting with my photography. Some don’t and would rather maintain the original, unadulterated version that first attracted them to raise the camera.I do still have the original of this shot. I may eventually add it to this post as a ‘comparison piece’. It’s something I did in past posts and received some amazing commentary on them. Stay tuned!


      1. Cheers K’lee, I like to see what other photographers do with their art. As you know, I’m a great one for effects, so I fully appreciate what you mean. I often keep an original or slightly tweaked image, then do really weird stuff with it and keep both because, well, why not?! ;~}

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    1. Thanks, Jet! Isn’t Sutro Heights a great spot? You’ll find Diana on a long dirt road (off of the Great Highway) leading to a spectacular view of the ocean. At the entrance to the road are two stone lions. They are close to the 38 Geary bus stop. I highly recommend checking the area out.


  1. Lovely shot K’lee, and I do like when you tweak some and transform and transport your image into a different dimension, mood, atmosphere, it’s your signature! This has a fantastic effect with the sunlight picking through the trees, the first thought which popped in my mind was “The Dawn of the Roman Empire” for some reason. Great work!

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    1. The Dawn of the Roman Empire, huh? I like it and am currently reading a book which indirectly deals with the Roman empire! Coincidence? Nice to know it evoked something so powerful for you. It really is a great spot by the ocean and a cool statue too!

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