Steel Magnolias: The Return of El Niño’s Rain



Steel Magnolia Rain

Ah, the original ‘Steel Magnolia’ shot!

Magnolia in the Rain

My second ‘Steel Magnolia’ choice

Just as I’ve been away (in the posting department!) from Obzervashunal, my WP hangout, for a minute or twenty thousand, so too have El Niño’s rains been somewhat quiet of late. I’m not sure exactly where drought-stricken California currently stands in regard to snow pack and water tables, but I do know rain is scheduled to return to San Francisco for a four-day visit near the end of the week. It’s a welcomed return, I’m sure.

With that factoid in mind, the creator/experimenter part of me came up with the above ‘Steel Magnolia’ graphic. This one, like several recent others, is based on my photographic excursions into the beautiful wonderland known as The San Francisco Botanical Garden.

UPDATE: Seems my ‘being away’ caused some sort of media upload glitch earlier. The original photo/graphic I intended for this post is… not the one currently connected. I’ll keep the current one here by it’s lonesome ONLY if I can’t get the original photo/graphic connected. If I do get the original to load, then it’ll join its cousin at such time.

stay tuned!

UPDATED UPDATE: So the original file did upload just now. It’s not too different from the first one, but I still wanted to add it seeing how the title of the post is all about the coming rain this week.

K’lee L. copyright 2016

13 thoughts on “Steel Magnolias: The Return of El Niño’s Rain

  1. Another blogger – photographer posted she too is having issues with uploading photos today. Anyway, the parrot photo is a beautiful place holder. Love the way the drops appear above the color of the parrot’s feathers. I’ll be adding this to my wish list of prints to purchase from you :-).

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    1. Hey Dana, thanks for letting me know that! For a while I couldn’t get any new items to load, but things seem to be working again. I don’t know if it was my doing, but one thing I DID do was to delete the ‘missing’ files as they were showing the place for a file, not the actual file. When I created a variation of the original, things seemed to get back on track. Hope that helps anyone who might be experiencing the same issues. Also hope all is well with you, girl!

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    1. Thank you, Eva. Since you visited I managed to add the original photo/graphic I had trouble earlier getting to upload. I wouldn’t mind seeing the sky that shade occasionally! Hope you have a nice remainder of your week.

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  2. Enjoyed your photography – moody.
    Ive lived through a number of California droughts. It takes years to get back after a drought like this one. Been to the Central Valley? I have friends who have had to till in their entire fields. Makes me moody just thinking about it – Cheers

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    1. Thanks for the support. I guess I’m drawn to the moody sometimes, having been born during a hurricane. I went to the Central Valley once years ago. It was like stepping into another world! Believe it or not, I actually remember the dryness; the dustiness everywhere. It was fascinating… and sad.


  3. Wow, this is most beautiful, love the rain drops and the lightning the over all mood of this piece!
    I can be influenced too by weather, like my “Purple Thunder” illustration, we just had a lot of wet and rainy days in February so I guess that adds up to some mood swings 🙂 Great work!
    Now we started a new month and Spring is just around the corner so I wish you a fantastic March filled with more flowers!

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