Urban Cityscape: Sun and Moon Graphical Rendezvous

San Francisco skyline, graphics of San Francisco, urban cityscape

my version o the Sun and Moon’s rendezvous in the skies above San Francisco. – K’lee L. © 2016

The more I explore different techniques on how to re imagine my ‘regular’ photography into not-so-regular graphics, the more I enjoy the exploration and the outcome(s).

I originally shot the (traditional) photo for this on a city architectural/landscape hunt. Once again I got to thinking about how I could incorporate the moon into the graphic even though it’s obvious the sun is making its move over in the western or left side of the photo.

I don’t know I want to ever see the moon this size in the sky; let alone so close to the sun, but it’s why I love fantasy and experimentation; both make it okay.

There’s a slightly different variation over at my FAA site. It’s somewhat brighter, not so ominous, but for the most part very close to what you’re seeing here.

K’lee L. © 2016


12 thoughts on “Urban Cityscape: Sun and Moon Graphical Rendezvous

    1. Thanks, Diana. I’m actually a solar eclipse baby and a hurricane baby all in one, so the sun and moon in the sky together for me feels very spiritual mixed with mythology and a dash of fantasy!

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