K’lee’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: K’lee Answers Dale

big African cats, lion photography, lion graphics

The original posted graphic!

Okay, so the very cool, very ‘free-minded’ (juice!) Dale over at Diary of an Internet Nobody kindly called me out on my post this morning. He thought (and you can correct me on this Dale) it was perhaps too busy; not showing enough of the original lion photo underneath all the ‘cosmic-ness’ (new word!).

I in turn, invited/challenged him to create his version of a photo-based composited graphic(!?); one that would define what he wanted to see me create. Out of this challenge, the ‘K’lee’s Cosmic Photo Challenge’ was born. (I’m hearing a smart, tight brass band right now…)

Now, if you’d like to see what Dale came up with, I’ve got you covered. Here is a link and please feel free to let Dale know what you think with a comment AND if you are so inclined, a version of your own! We are both generous and would share this challenge with any and all who wish to contribute.

Now, what I did was to go back to the drawing board, as it were and break down a few photos, graphics, and filters; all of which assisted me in bringing the ‘Lion of Zion’ to life.

king of the jungle, lion of zion, san francisco zoo cats

This is the original lion shot; the last in a sequence of shots with him slowly approaching the glass wall I was behind. (absolutely thrilling, I tell you!)

lion graphic, big cats of the wild

Here is a ‘graphically rendered version of the same photo. This will be added as a ‘layer’, giving the overall work a bit more texture.

cosmic lion king_golden mist

I’ve already added some ‘cosmic-ness’ to this layer. I also filtered in more orange and yellow to highlight the lion’s natural colors.

cosmic lion king_double ex

Call this the ‘final step’ as I add my planetary imaginings and other space-related do- dads to give the finished piece even more ‘spaciness’.

big African cats, lion photography, lion graphics

One of several ‘finished’ pieces! I can say I didn’t start out with any preconceived ideas of what would be the final piece. I’m learning simply to follow the dictates of my Muse and allow the process to be enough.

Even so, I’m thankful to Dale for bringing this challenge out of me today. It’s a great way to share a process of creating that might just spark something in someone else. So, if you’re up to it, definitely head on over to Dale’s site and pick up the challenge for yourself. I know we’d both enjoy seeing some of you add to our examples!

K’lee L. © 2016

7 thoughts on “K’lee’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: K’lee Answers Dale

    1. Right on! The only thing I would add is something I’ve already touched upon: I look to trust the expression not force it into any one particular form. I could easily have taken this little blog of mine into a very scripted, one or two dimensional direction, which would have been fine, but so much of what I’m doing these days as it pertains to photography wedded to graphics is experimental. I enjoy the process as much as you do on your blog.

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  1. Yes, I get fed up with photo-snobs who insist only “raw” photography is a proper artform, phones aren’t “real” cameras and post-production filters are “too easy”. I’m all for pushing the envelope.

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