Art at Obzervashunal

I discovered the blog, Dissatis Faction just this morning. It was a no-brainer to me to check them out and to follow the site as I liked what their message seemed to say AND that they put a focus on supporting other artists. After reading a post offering features of artists wanting others to see their work, I tossed Obzervashunal into the ring not expecting the feature would happen… well on the same day! Let me say a MIGHTY THANKS to the peeps at Dissatis Faction for making this feature happen so quickly. If you haven’t already, check them out and if you’re interested in having your work featured, check out the blog and let them know.

Oh, and here is their very first post giving you an idea of who they are and why!

K’lee L. Obzervashunal

The Dissatis Faction

In today’s post we’re showcasing art created by the amazing K’lee L, who’s work you can check out at Obzervashunal. A photographer, graphic artist, and natural creative, his work captures an array of emotionally evocative images.

K’lee L’s website is packed with amazing camera work, but describing him simply as a photographer misses out on a whole world of imaginative beauty. This is because K’lee L is an artist, blending graphic designs with perfectly captured moments, and adding new dimensions to his imagery.

With a large focus on nature, K’lee L, captures scenic moments, and often re imagines them with his own graphic twists. This is a pleasant departure from the uniformity of conventional nature photography, and it creates room for his artistic interpretations to flourish.

One of my favourite images is the The Egret’s morning catch, which is a graphic image based on a fantastic snap of…

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27 thoughts on “Art at Obzervashunal

      • Thanks K’lee, you’re most kind! I did checked out and follow the other site, but how to get up there is a challenge which is way above my zero technical knowledge to manage. Crazy but thats the reality, I need some computer lessons I guess 🙂

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        • I’m not sure what you mean when you say ‘how to get up there’? Do you mean contact the site creators to suggest your work as a possible feature? Let me know if I can help in some way?

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          • Well I guess that’s what I was getting at, but you see I have always had a problem understanding the links and how to do that among many other “computer” stuff which I don’t really get or know how to handle. Anyhow it’s so very kind of you to offer your help, I appreciate it very much. Maybe one day I will learn all the tricks of the trade, till then I can handle only my pencil properly, lol…

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          • Someone once said to me that the first step to changing an ongoing perception we have about ourselves is simply to stop using words, both spoken and thought-based, which represent a negative viewpoint or outcome.
            I’ll be the first to tell you, changing routines or ongoing inner dialogue can be challenging, BUT… It can be done, and it holds the potential for being massively transformational…

            … I’ll stop there…


    • Yes, they’re building something special is my feel, so I recommend them for the enthusiasm first! That they had my feature up in less than a day… Pretty cool! I’m hoping you’ll consider it.

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