Graphic Imaginings: Rainy Days and Blue Egrets

One Winged Egret Stance_iceblu

Ice-blue Egrets? Not yet, so I made my own! – K’lee L.

I’m setting a double reminder for myself today with this graphical posting. One, my love of the color blue has yet to diminish in any way, shape or form. Two, my EGRET BOOK is progressing nicely and any post where I get to talk a little about them (egrets) or post a photo/graphic helps keep me in line with crossing the finish line.

Here then is my ‘Ice-Blue Egret’, a bird which to my knowledge does not exist in nature, but does exist in a secret chamber of my imagination.

The actual white egret, with yellow beak and long, black legs- oh, and beautiful wide white plumage, does exist and not so long ago posed for me in the still waters belonging to one of San Francisco’s many ‘micro lakes’ in the Botanical Gardens to take a few shots. I realize now he may have just been preening his feathers; opening one wide enough to make us wing-less humans stop and stare and in my case, raise the camera (after stopping to stare!).

I do have a different version of this blue guy over at my FAA spot. It still falls under the header: GRAPHIC, but is truer in tone and color to the real thing, or egret, as it were…

K’lee L. © 2016

23 thoughts on “Graphic Imaginings: Rainy Days and Blue Egrets

    1. Thanks, Diana. Yes, I’ve thought about it a lot. Ironically, it was my birthday some years ago when I stopped to watch one of the first egrets I’d ever seen. I got lost in thought for a second, next think I knew, the egret had landed right next to me- just checked me out for ten seconds or so. That moment was a beginning of sorts. They’ve been connected to me ever since. My book will have some insights on that very thing!

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        1. Wow! First thanks for making the time to both look it up and share it with me. Greatly appreciated. I really like the, ‘creator of light’ moniker/meaning. I’m equally fascinated by the Iriquois’ interpretation of a blue heron and its being equated with good luck. I’m currently grinning ear to ear… Now there’ll have to be more blue heron creations!

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          1. It was easily one of the coolest and most profound moments in my life, with it happening on my birthday and all.
            Yes, my written work has to take a minor back seat to me getting this one done and out there in the world. Funny how things didn’t start out that way… I look forward to seeing what you think!

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  1. Love how you reworking your photos and give them a different life! This blue is most delightful and somehow very elegant to me.The egrets are like beautiful ballerinas of nature. Those long thin legs, neck and wings give them beautiful extended lines just like the ballerinas have. Love your phrase “wing-less humans” stop and stare, indeed that is what we do before we remember we got a camera around our neck! Excellent work!

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    1. Thank you, Eva. The big lesson for me is to simply give myself permission to explore and experiment.
      What I’ve come to sense about egrets is they will relax enough to ‘forget about you’ and allow photos if you show them you can be trusted to not be loud and obnoxious. Otherwise, well yes, they do have wings.
      My journey with them has been more than phenomenal. Cranes, Egrets, and Herons… easily my favorite birds with or without that camera around my neck.
      If you really want to see something amazing, google ‘crane fights off three tigers in zoo’. Cranes received a billion more respect points after I saw that video!

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  2. Hi! Your photos are very beautitul! I am happy to know that you are working in a very good way in your book. And also that yours posts are good to continue writting the book. This is what I understood from what you wrote in this post … Have a good Sunday. 😊

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    1. Thank you so much, Tania! Yes, my book about photographing these beautiful birds will happen soon. I try to share a little of my process with my friends here on WordPress in case they want to know. I’m very glad you enjoy the photos. I also enjoy your beautiful artworks so I hope you will continue to make them. I get to see Brazil through your art. This is very good! Hope you have a great weekend too.

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