Nature Photography: Sunlight Through Raindrops


The El Niño driven rains inundating California are currenly on hiatus. It’s said you never miss a thing until it’s gone. We’re getting sunshine today, and while rain in a drought-stricken state is good, I’m choosing to not miss it for today at least. The sun’s been gone long enough… I’ve missed it.

When it comes to image creation, I can get carried away with the experimental, the graphical. In and of itself, not a bad thing, but eventually all paths lead me back to classic photography… if there is such a thing.

I took these four photos on the same morning at one of my favorite hangouts, San Francisco’s Botanical Garden. It had, you guessed it, rained the night before so I knew with a bit of morning sun, there was good possibility of some shots spotlighting waterdrops falling everywhere. These were the four that made the cut, but with waterdrops clinging and falling everywhere, I have many more.

I suppose I’ll just have to save them for a rainy day… post!

K’lee L. copyright 2016


4 thoughts on “Nature Photography: Sunlight Through Raindrops

    1. I’m genuinely sad to hear this, my friend. El Niño has a very powerful effect on the planet, but humankind’s oftentimes negative actions on nature is causing the planet’s temperature to rise and the polar icecaps to melt. This is not good. On a personal note, I hope you take very good care of yourself. Lots of water!

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