K’lee’s Cosmic Photo Challenge Continues!

A few posts back, my buddy Dale over at Diary of an Internet Nobody offered me a challenge. He suggested the composite image I’d created for my post Lion of Zion didn’t show enough of the original image… for his tastes.

big African cats, lion photography, lion graphics

Liking the way Dale worded his suggestion, I offered him a challenge: Create and show me your version of the same theme. Dale took on that challenge, and with a composite he’d created from his own extensive photographic archives, he created this image and did me one better by breaking down the process by which he arrived at his final product. Thus, the K’lee’s Cosmic Photo Challenge was born!

I, of course needed to answer this challenge with a breakdown of the creation process I used to create my Lion. If you haven’t already, you can see the resulting post here

cosmic lion king_double ex

Dale and I both agree on something else: We enjoyed the fun factor of the challenge. With that in mind, we decided it should become a regular Monday challenge. I’m in the process of creating a new one for tomorrow, Monday, which you’ll see some time in the morning or… when you happen to see it in your time zone.

lion graphic, big cats of the wild

Lastly, we both agree this shouldn’t be a photo challenge for us alone- no everyone who wants to should and can join in the fun.

My take on this is you can simply make a comment on the original post’s comment section and leave a link to your challenge ‘answer’ in your comment so we all can see it.

cosmic lion king_golden mist

There’s no prize winning (as yet!), this one currently is just for fun so keep your eyes open for the K’lee’s Cosmic Photo Challenge, open to all, tomorrow!

K’lee L. © 2016

8 thoughts on “K’lee’s Cosmic Photo Challenge Continues!

  1. I have just this minute posted an almost identical intro. I think the same; anyone wanting to participate should post a photo on their own blog, with a Pingback, either to here or to Diary of an Internet Nobody’s post, depending on where they saw the original challenge.

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    1. Thanks, Diana. I’m going to say this knowing many may not agree. If you’ve ever taken a photo, even if it was with the camera embedded in your phone to take a picture, you are, in fact, a photographer. That’s just my take…

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