New feature starting tomorrow…

A cool, new happening my friend Dale (Diary Of An Internet Nobody) and I are kicking off tomorrow. Here’s hoping some of you consider adding your excellent voices and interpretations to the mix.

Notice: The excellent above image is the work of Dalecooper57. All rights reserved, of course.

Diary of an Internet Nobody.(Archive)


Tomorrow marks the start of a new feature on Diary of an Internet Nobody, in collaboration with K’lee L at Obzervashunal.

During an e-mail conversation last week, while we were discussing photography in general, (and mobile phone cameras in particular) photo editing apps and the various techniques we both use to create “new” images; by combining multiple photos or by using filters and digital effects, we hatched the idea of having a regular weekly challenge that specifically featured effects and editing.

It stemmed from a comment I made on one of K’lee’s posts a couple of weeks ago, to which HE GAVE THIS REPLY, and we hope it becomes a regular, interactive feature in which you can all participate.

So stay tuned for K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge, and prepare for a weekly dose of visually creative eye candy.

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