Midnight on the Palace Lake: Filtering Photography to Create Night Out of Late Afternoon


I can remember a number of times I visualized evening scenes when the sun was not yet done with offering a sunny day. In that distant past, I didn’t know too much concerning how to go about processing a shot to simulate night from day. Since that time, I’ve become fast friends with the concept of filtering.

Filtering, or passing a photo through any number of effects to create a different (sometimes subtle… sometimes dramatically different) look to the original shot. Back in the day, filters were there own separate hardware. I’m most familiar with circular or square pieces of glass or other material, places in front of the camera lens to make the light-related magic happen.

The photo above was filtered a different way, through software on my laptop. Most of us these days use some sort of filter for our photos, especially if you’re familiar with Instagram, Snapchat, or a whole host of social media sites where uploading photos is the norm. This method is generally painless and does most if not all the hard work for you.

With the above shot, turning an afternoon scene at San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts into a dusky, evening variation was not only simple, it took less than five seconds. Point and click!

Here’s to hoping more of you who aren’t already considering filtering as a way to breathe new life into your photos, consider experimenting with the process!

K’lee L. copyright 2016

K’lee L.

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