Nature Illustrations: Re-Imagining The Mighty Great Blue Heron


Lots of nature going on right now as Spring ramps itself up for the coming of Summer. It’s a likewise phenomena in my photography and graphics work. You go where the action is, and heading into nature is without a doubt where the action is for me about now.

I’d like to call this piece what I call many of the pieces I create: A graphic born of my photography, but looking at it, I’m more inclined to label it an illustration. For me, the original photo shines through. All the actual bird definition is there and basically unchanged. In my graphic experimentation, I’m more likely to make semi-radical changes as the mood strikes me; often creating a final piece that shares little with its parent figure.

As I also sometimes do, you can see a slightly different version of this on my FAA site. Check out the tab at the top of the page for more on that site.
Yes, the great blue herons are definitely active right now. We here in San Francisco are lucky having a spot like Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park where we can view them in a natural habitat as they bring their young into the world in the spring months.

If and when you can, spend a little time in nature. The action this time of year is worth your time.

K’lee L. © 2016

10 thoughts on “Nature Illustrations: Re-Imagining The Mighty Great Blue Heron

    1. Thanks, Diana. Oddly enough, these beautiful, majestic birds always seem to put on a show without really tying. Itcan be hard to focus on photos when they’re doing what they do in the air on those wings.

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  1. Fabulous detail in this shot. I’m hoping we finally get some decent weather this weekend, (the last two weeks has been gorgeous all week while I’m at work and horrible Saturday and Sunday) so I can get out and capture some nature shots in the sunshine for a change.

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    1. I’ll speak to the weather gods for you! We’ve got the clouds now and rain on tap for the next two days, I believe after some spectaular days of high sun. I’m also working with a new camera that blows my old one out of the water in most regards. It’s definitely helping my work.

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