What’s The Prompt: K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge- The Quest For Fire

K'lee and Dale's Cosmic Photo Challenge, weekly prompt, Monday imagination

… dreaming of a new prompt…


It’s Friday again. It’s the beginning (for some) of the weekend-again. In the States, it’s Memorial Day Weekend-again, which, if you’re not familiar with this holiday you can find out more about here

Fridays on this blog and Dale’s blog are now offering you a prompt for the coming Monday’s, ‘K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge’.

As I got to thinking about a theme or topic for this coming Monday’s challenge, I happened to find a photo from about a year ago that I thought would and should be part of one of our challenges.

In order to maintain a little mystery, I won’t add that shot here, but I will tell you what the prompt for Monday’s challenge is:

I’m calling it: ‘The Quest For Fire’. There it is. You can translate, create, or otherwise consider anything you want as it pertains to FIRE for this challenge. If you’re here in the States you can use barbecues, fireworks, or other sources of fire (responsibly!) in your um, ‘quest’ to enter this challenge. It’s completely up to you.

Thinking about trying it out?

It’s not to hard:

Just create a post with ‘K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge’ in the title. You can also put the work ‘fire’ in your title for added verisimilitude (always liked that word, rarely get the chance to use it in a sentence…).  Pingback to either Dale’s or my post by copying the URL or you newly created post and pasting it into the comment section of either Dale’s or my Monday’s challenge post.

Also, don’t forget to add the tag #CosPhoChal to your post’s tags and you’re done! Easy, right?

K’lee L. © 2016



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