Cathedral Photography: The Blessed Reliefs

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Months and months ago, I headed out with my ancient eight-year old Fujifilm camera, hoping to get some shots of one of San Francisco’s most recognizable houses of worship, Grace Cathedral.

I did some photos of the entire structure from many angles; both far and near, but on this sunny day, it was the gold relief scenes located at the far right of the cathedral’s main entrance that caught and held the bulk of my attention.

I’ve only included three photos here in my increasingly favorite slide show style, but they give a great perspective of the beauty and detail that’s gone into their creation.

Want to learn a little more about these intriguing doors and how they were made? Check out this link

K’lee L. © 2016

9 thoughts on “Cathedral Photography: The Blessed Reliefs

    1. Funny how you can walk passed something, believing you’ve ‘taken it in’ sense-wise, only to find later through photos it’s got lots more happening visually. I add those doors to the ‘absolute-must-see’ list of things here in S.F.. They’re beautiful.

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