KLDesignz Feature of the Day: Tidal Workz

hoodies, men's workout wear, casual menswear

warning: probably NOT water-proof! – K’lee L.

Like all my creative endeavors, I’m constantly looking for new ways to express my ideas. With my Tidal hoodies, I’d already created the product over at KLDesignz, my Zazzle shop, but got to thinking something was missing. The graphic and its placement were fine, but again, I knew I wanted to do something extra.

The graphic you see above didn’t show up in my mind right away; it took a while. One day I did what I do lots of; I began experimenting and POW, TIDAL HOODIE riding the waves was born. Have a look-see here if you’re so inclined. The link takes you to the Tidal collection page.

There are some other ideas similar to this one brewing in my head. Hopefully I’ll sort them out and get a post or two up to share the concept(s).

K’lee L. © 2016


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