A Fine Arts Update: Shortcuts to Catch Up!

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Juggle two, three, or more sites; shops, or ‘social media outlets’ and eventually you’ll find youself in need of a few shortcuts to getting the info you want out there.

While updating my FAA site, I realized I’d uploaded a number of works that as yet haven’t made their way to – well, here, the Obzervashunal. I figured one shortcut is what you see above; a slideshow of several recent works found at my FAA.

I’m also adding these shots individually with their own links to the main page of items they represent. This way if you so choose, you can take a peek at individual works, which might catch your eye(s)! (you know what I mean…)

fishermen at sunsise, San Francisco's Presidio fishing dock

A popular Presidio fishing dock (note the raindrops on the screen!) – K’lee L.

Faa Slide_03

I wouldn’t mind having my own boat… sigh…

Faa Slide_02

I called this, ‘The Drop Off’, but the drop stayed put while I was there!

Faa Slide_01

The top of the cliff is a popular gathering spot to catch the sun setting.

Okay, FAA. You’re caught up (sort of).

What’s next???

K’lee L.© 2016




19 thoughts on “A Fine Arts Update: Shortcuts to Catch Up!

    1. Thanks, Dana. Yes, the idea of having a boat’s been with me all my life I guess. I’m an ex-Navy guy so some of the fantasy has been fulfilled. Still, like you, I’d like to just laze about near the shore… maybe it’ll happen for us both one day?

      Liked by 1 person

    1. …an actual place, hidden and not too well known. It was my first time going there AND at the end of the day I’d been out using my new camera. To be honest, my shots can’t do it justice…

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I’m thinking ocean sunrises can be pretty nice too. Funny, it’s rare for me to be out that late, but a new camera will make you do all sorts of stuff! Definitely ready to experience a few more.
          …Favorite place for sunrise?
          Japan. Breathtaking.

          Liked by 1 person

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