My man Josh, over at My Friday Blog wrote this potent, powerful, timely and frighteningly real tale called ‘Drought’. I thought it not only good, but good enough to reblog. I hate to say it, but if we don’t get our s*** together on this blue world, tales like this one will just be the beginning. Well done, Josh!

My Friday Blog

They tried to stay out of the conflict.  They moved to a remote house in the mountains miles away from the city below where the water wars raged out of control.  He dug a well under the porch of their house in order to keep it hidden from thieves.  It just barely reached far enough down to reach any water.  The lake was nearly dry, and all the reservoirs were empty.  Most people had already left the area, but then Canada refused to take any more climate refugees, and the remaining people were trapped to fight for each drop.  The people in the camps along the border hoping to be let in were even more desperate than those they had left in the city.

Occasionally they would see clouds on the horizon and become hopeful.  But the clouds either passed right by or rained just enough to grow the cheatgrass…

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