Join Our Writing Collaboration and Get Your ‘Sea Legs’

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I wouldn’t mind having my own boat… sigh…

Calling all writers!

Okay, maybe not ALL writers, but the ones who may be interested in a brand new collaborative effort hosted by the amazing Steve B. at the equally amazing site, Ordinarily Handsome The link to the left of these words will speed you over to his site for some exciting details on what he and I have cooked up.

It’s like this:

Steve and I have gotten to know each other a bit here on the WP. He’s always encouraged my artistic voice and I do my best to return the support. We’ve talked over these past months about doing some kind of collaboration and well, we’ve finally come up with something not only we will collaborate, but you guys and gals can as well.

This first literary effort is called (working title!) ‘Sea Legs’. Steve sent me the opening lines a day ago, and let me tell you, I think it’s already awesome! You’ll see.

Picture this:

A beautiful, wealthy dame who may or may not be up to no good, and the guy who sets his sights on her… and of course all that lovely MONEY. Steve has set the bar high, but I know there’s bound to be three of four or twelve of you out there itching to lend your creative voices to this tale?

How will you do that- lending your voice/words/ideas, you ask?

Simple. I’m thinking you can just add it like you would a comment to a blog post. I suppose if there are say fifty comments as ideas initially, we might have to shuffle things about, but it’ll work out. I’m sure of it.

Keep an eye on Steve’s blog (linked above) tomorrow, Friday for the OFFICIAL PART ONE OF, ‘SEA LEGS’. After you’ve read it, please consider a contribution to the story. We’re not looking to turn anyone’s ideas aside. Steve and I are convinced this should be an exercise in having fun first and foremost. It could also spark real dialog on the nature of storytelling from those of you you do it on a regular basis in your own waking lives?

It’s also important to state, this is a brand new gig for both of us. We’re willing to allow the story to ‘tell us where it’s going’, which is what should make it a blast as it develops.

‘Sea Legs’. Hope to see you all tomorrow and possibly adding some ideas?

K’lee L. © 2016


35 thoughts on “Join Our Writing Collaboration and Get Your ‘Sea Legs’

          1. Me too, and it’s just folks tossing around ideas to build up a story where no one knows for sure where it’s heading. For instance, I’m the only one who added a bit in third-person. That’s what I write all my stories in, but just to challenge myself I intend to add my next piece in first person. A little something new for me. We’ll see where it goes… Thanks for reading.

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          2. Love the idea of that variation and variety…and the openness of the story will really add some major punch. A literal work in progress!

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          3. That’s it. I like the idea of inhabiting a character, any character, allowing yourself to see through their eyes whether male or female.
            The imagination will suppose And compose if we remove the blocks and let it do what it’s always capable of. That’s the kind of writing I can get lost in; build from nothing/ trust and have faith the story that not only needs to be told, but wants to be told will come forth with little coaxing if we simply allow it to pass through us on its way to the page…


  1. Sounds great, my friend. I’m working on a separate page from the Handsome blog. Never done that before, so I thought I’d give myself ample time to make sure it works. I downloaded the photo above to place on the page (with your consent), unless you have another one in mind. Let me know. 🙂

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    1. Sounds good. I made a new tab on my main page too, just to give it a focal point and possibly its own tag to make things run smoother? No prob with the photo. I’m imagining as we move along, I’ll include a few others that deal with boats and the sea.

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        1. Really? Excellent, Rajiv. What we, Steve and I, are doing is having people who want to share ideas for the story or contribute, a line, a paragraph do is include it in the comment section of either the original post on Steve’s blog, Ordinarily Handsome (titles, ‘Sea Legs’), or as.a comment on my site, Obzervashunal in the comment section of either post with Sea Legs in its title. Steve is in charge of editing in the contributed works.

          I admit, it’s new for both of us, but we wanted to try it and have others join in. It could remain small or grow into something more; we don’t yet know. Currently, it’s only a day old, so we’ll see.

          Lastly, I’m out to make sure any and all contributors not only get included, but get links back to their site so people can learn more about them and their work.

          Let me know if all this makes sense!


          1. You could do the exact same thing on mine. We are co-creators of the piece. Ideas left on my site are added and most importantly, credited and linked back the same way. Links to his site are also on my site on the same post you’ve already commented on, if you Iike.

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    1. I’m thinking the trick is not to stray too far ahead. Stay with the story in the moment as much as possible, without trying to define its direction may work best.


        1. No, that’s the beauty of it. No one knows… We wanted it that way. Everyone is literally in the same boat as far as ‘knowing’ goes. What we’re all doing is trusting the uncertainty of it and being all right with not knowing from chapter to chapter. That for me is the fun part.


          1. So how can you possibly make sure the story stays in the same direction when somebody else starts writing, that’s what I don’t get.
            Either you need to have some sort of outline that you’re all following, or you all have carte blanche to go wherever you like with it, in which case there’s no way of telling where it is going.

            Am I missing something here, or just being dim?

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          2. I’m positive it’s not intentional, but here’s what you’re missing: The sole purpose is to have fun with not knowing. I mentioned to Steve, our originator, I’d never done first-person narrative. Instead of discounting the challenge, I just gave it a go. Guess what? I had fun with it and did it as the female characters!

            That’s the heart of this story, the ‘let’s just see where it goes… no need to force it in any given direction… Just trust the process.

            Maybe you’ve never done collaboration like this, where the primary object is to let the story tell itself? Nothing wrong with that if it’s the case.

            You can always jump in on this one?

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          3. Hey, Dale. I’m now wondering if what you’re saying is: what if you get people not following the story as it being written? What if someone contributes something completely ‘left field’?

            I’m going to dare saying… It would be okay. We’d make it work!


          4. No, that’s exactly what Starship Gypsies is. It was my idea to do it as an evolving thing.
            The trouble I’ve found with that, is that I start a plot thread, then Jerry changes where it was going and starts another one, which I have to either absorb into mine or switch over to. I then have the choice to go with that plot line, or to try and pervert it to my own ends and somehow get it to follow my plot. Because otherwise it just ends up as a load of little sketches, whereas the idea was to have it as one, multi-faceted, open ended story.
            It’s fun to write, but I generally just write my own plots (still made up as I go along) and when Jerry posts something, I’ll include a bit of a side reference to it, or possibly co-write a whole episode in that plot line, then veer back to what I was previously doing, to allow me to actually finish a storyline.

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          5. I see what you mean, now. I’m wondering if setting some sort of guidelines might make for a more cohesive piece? What I like so far with ‘Sea Legs’ is the writers generally are following the page, so to speak. If it had been a case similar to what you’ve said here, well, it could be more difficult to splice together and read!

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          6. I’d say what we’ve done instead of outline is simply respond to what came before. Steve got it started with a single paragraph, no explanation except to say his idea was for an old fashioned noir tale. We’ve wanted people to feel they could draw outside the lines on this; that it’s okay to do so.

            If this were a professional project? Maybe not so much!

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