Sunset Skies:Light Shows Over Downtown San Francisco

sunset skies, San Francisco sunsets, brilliant colors of the sky at sunset

ominous skies took over downtown San Francisco a few evenings ago. It wasn’t wasted on me… – K’lee L.

When I first came to San Francisco years ago, I wasn’t much of a fan of rapid weather changes; warm one minute, foggy and cool the next. It’s a staple of San Francisco and one I think isn’t quite like anywhere else in the world.

Through the years, as the sheer enjoyment of photography took over, I began to see the changing of the weather through new eyes. For instance, the rare truly hot days here are all but gauranteed to get followed up by oftentimes drastically cooler climes. I like change of that nature.

Alomg with quick temperature changes come skies like the one in the above photo. Like the weather, you can’t really plan for these atmospheric theatrics, but it you want to preserve the moment, you’d best be on the ready… often.

Not one to remain satisfied with the original work produced directly from the camera, the experimenter in me often takes over and adds a little something extra. I’ve given a number of pieces on my FAA site the ‘through the glass’ effect. It’s one I enjoy creating and I like the results here. Makes for a more ominous sky but also the building, darkened except for those few yellowed lights, makes me not want to get in the elevator to the top!

ominously glassed prints and things this way

K’lee L. © 2016

33 thoughts on “Sunset Skies:Light Shows Over Downtown San Francisco

      1. “If These Walls Could Talk” or “Hotel California” or ” When Darkness Falls”- A collection of horrific micro, flash, and short story fiction. I’ve been kicking around an idea for a horror type deal but wasn’t sure how to do it because I’m not much of a horror writer. I can do little sort of spooky scenes (micro fiction) but that’s about it. So, a collaboration is fine. I would be happy to do the final formating and publishing but wouldn’t know how to split the profit from the sales. Wait a minute, I could just send folks their percentage in check or via PayPal each quarter. Hmmmm. Anyway, there’s my idea. What’cha think?

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        1. Lol! Well, first think you’d have to do with any of those three titles is get permission to use them. Beyond that, a collection of stories might work.

          I enjoy some of the great Stephen King’s horror tales along with a few others. I do have one novel I’m working on that qualifies as horror, but it’s at the bottom of my priority stack right now as I’m working to complete others first.

          You’ve got ideas. I like that you’re thinking about it all. Well keep the door open in case anything else shows up in either of our brains!


          1. Titles arent trade marked or copyright protected. 😀 Ive got three books in various stages of production as well so best add this to the future project list for sure. Thanks for the unspiration tho. Keep those photos coming. 😀

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          2. Ah, didn’t know that tidbit about titles. I’d be worried using well known titles like those would and could lead possible readers to thinking the work is either a take on the already existing materials by those names, or a parody of them.

            Still, I think you’re on to something with slotting this photo for a horror-based book. Could work?

            Yes, I suppose bottom line for we creatives is to take care having too much on our plates, right? Nothing wrong with a step-by-step approach though, share ideas and concepts. Maybe even look for others who’d like to get involved. I mean, you work with authors. Have you ever looked into matching up artists and writers. Something tells me it may just be a field worth pursuing from a publisher’s perspective.

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        1. I think what I’ve grown to appreciate most, Patricia is the speed of the sky’s change from one set of colors to the next.

          I also appreciate seeing more people simply looking on in wonder; allowing themselves to feel the moment and not just ‘photo opportunity’ it away. Living in a a city I guess makes that a big deal!

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          1. I wholeheartedly agree, K’lee! Living in the city makes it even more of a necessity to drift away; eyes focused upwards and taking in the ever changing face of the sky! When the ‘noise’ and hum gets too much, it’s a must that I lose myself in the being of it all. It’s why I seek out greenery regularly and get lost (read: hide!) for a few hours. Utter bliss! 💜

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          2. Your words make we wonder what this world would be like if we all thought that way. Politicians, generals, regular folks, forced to resolve differences and aggressions by first hiking out into nature or to the sea, chilling for a bit, then come back to the table with each other… It’d be a different world for sure.

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          3. That’s the sad part, isn’t it? We’re not talking about something so impossible it isn’t worth the try. People just need to realize their egos are doing them any favors in the grand scheme of things… Then get out there on that hike, darn it!

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          4. A million times, yes! Such a simple, rewarding and highly effective way of living! Step out and away for a while… In light of everything going on around the world right now, this is a wonderful (and necessary) manifesto.

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          5. You’ve got me wanted to blow this up, write something more. Like you said, a manifesto would be the right path. I have a graphic piece I finished a while back I could use… Thanks for expanding my mind on this, Patricia.

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    1. Wow! My storytelling brain just jumped all over your comment, Marie. Ironically, whenever I head to the library to write, I pass an old poster depicting the old quake. It’s a poster based on the destruction and fire occurring back then… Very interesting you mentioned it. Maybe… There’s something in that building…?

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