Sea Legs: Chapter Two: Up and Running!

San Francisco Yacht Club


All right, you sea dogs! Okay you may not be sea dogs, but you may have started following the collaborative effort of some of the excellent writers here on the WP with a newly wrought tale of noir-ish intrigue called, ‘Sea Legs’.

It’s originator (with my slight input!), Steve B. over at Ordinarily Handsome, is hosting the unfolding story as we speak… I mean write… I mean you can (if you haven’t already) read part one here

If you’re ready for the beginnings of part two, say no more, just click here to get the skinny.

It bears mentioning again, anyone can join in. All you have to do is add a line or two to the comment section of the post on Steve’s site. You can add an idea here on Obzervashunal as well. I’ll make sure Steve gets it.  That’s going to let us a. know who you are, and b. credit you for the contribution with a link back to your site. Cool huh?

I just now added my second idea AND I’m challenging myself by doing it in ‘first-person narrative! Um, that’s a big deal for me, but not really. It’s all about having fun with a collaborative story.

Lastly, there’s no pressure to add your words. A regular comment after reading is appreciated by all too!

Thanks again to all who have added their voices and continue to do so.

K’lee l.


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