Sea Legs Continues: A Chapter Four Synopsis

docked boats, marina, water reflections, clouds in a blue sky, Vancouver, British Columbia

the sky reflects the awakening harbour.

Stories, irregardless to genre, time frame, or global settings, are made worthy of their readership with the inclusion of interesting characters. When said characters pass through intriguing twists, high drama, and unexpected turns- bought  of course to a satisfying conclusion, the reading of the story proves woth the time.

‘Sea Legs’, our ongoing collaboative effort originating from the mighty pen of my friend Steven Baird, myself, and several outstanding writers from out and about the WP gets a new chapter today. It’s important to reiterate, we are creating ‘Sea Legs’ ‘on the fly’. There is no prearranged plot. Steve and I initially wanted to do a story that wrote itself. We each liked the idea of not knowing from one bit to the next where the characters went, what they’d do, and how the story would proceed.

If you’re just now hearing about the story, you’ll find a number of posts here on Obzervashunal (check out my ‘storyteller’ tab at the top of the page!) and on Steve’s site which will get you up to speed. You can also read my first attempt at a semi-proper synopsis or breakdown of the earlier action right here

Once caught up, the fourth chapter, which really ratchets up the action, can be read here

What we’ve been doing along the way for those who want to contribute is suggest adding a few lines of story ideas in the comments of ‘Sea Leg’ posts either here or on Steve’s site. What we add always gets a link back to the contributor’s site so not only will readers know your words were added, but they then can check out more of your creativity on your site. Cool huh?

Either way, contributing or not, give ‘Sea Legs’ a read-through. If it moves you, leave a comment. It makes us all feel good and want to continue writing.

K’lee L. © 2016

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