One-Liner Wednesday:

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I seem to go back and forth between reaching a new Wednesday and thinking it’s Thursday, or reaching another Wednesday and having it look, taste, and feel like it’s actually Wednesday. Today is the latter, without a doubt.

Either way I arrive at Wednesday, these days it also represents another chance to attempt Linda G. Hill’s excellent ‘One-Liner Wednesday.

Pouring through the photo vaults, I found the above image, taken from a cycling jaunt one early, early morning. I took this on the Golden Gate Bridge as the sun was rising above the city behind me.

I figured I’d use the original caption from the photo as my ‘One-Liner Wednesday’ quote. It goes like this:

‘Spending time in nature is the greatest (med)itation of them all.’

Hope you all are having a great Wednesday.

K’lee L. © 2014/2016


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