Tuesday Tees: A Day in the Life of My T-Shirt Designs

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ClearDepending where in the world you’re located, Summer’s warmth is either winding down, completely gone, or ramping up. I created this post on a selection of my t-shirt designs for those of you still dealing with warm weather. That’s not to say a tee can’t be worn when it’s cold or chilly out. I guess I just raditionally think of wearing them when the weather is nice enough to spend the better part of a day outdoors.

Of the three shops I post about here on Obzervashunal, I only use two as examples in this post: KLDesignz, my Zazzle shop, and kDesignationz, my Redbubble shop.

A selection of my kDesignationz Graphic Tees can be found here

As mentioned in an earlier post, KLDesignz, my Zazzle shop has the biggest offering in terms of variety. Check out what I mean as it relates to t-shirts here

For a third offering, I return to my kDesignationz shop to show three new concept pieces. They’re called ‘contrast tees‘ and Redbubble offers them for the ladies only (sorry fellas!). As I said, these are the first three. It’s likely I’ll do a bit of tinkering with some of the artwork for the other designs so as to make them fit the shirt matrix. You’ll hopefully get to see the results of that tinkering soon.

In the meanwhile, if you’re so inclined, check out the links above and see if you agree with me on Summer being the best time for tees?

K’lee L. © 2016

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