K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: Five Ways To Friday


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Good morning Monday and welcome to the first day of August 2016. It’s time again for a brand new ‘K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge’. With this new challenge, I decided to try something different… really different!

The prompt provided five global variations on the word ‘Friday’.

Swahili – Ijummaa

Croatian – Petak

Turkish – Cuma

Hausa – Jumma’a

Indonesian – Jumat

The challenge was to choose one of those Fridays, take a deeper look into the culture and country that created it, and come up with a ‘cosmic photo’ related to your chosen locale and something the people of the region might enjoy doing on… you guessed it… Friday.

Now I know, the last bit is a stretch, so much so that I’m officially making it okay to leave it out. Letting your imagination define it any way you like is more than sufficient.

Now, with all that said, of the five Fridays listed, I decided to use the Swahili word for Friday, Ijummaa. The world location I chose to visit (in my mind) where Swahili is the main language is the East African nation of Tanzania.

Here’s an interesting fact about Tanzania’s capital:

There are two- the centrally located city of Dodoma, the official capital since the seventies, and the ‘true’ economic/governmental capital- a three to five million person strong port city called Dar es Saalaam.

Why’d I choose Dar es Salaam? Well, mainly because I also live in a port city- San Francisco, which led me to think even though Swahili isn’t the main language spoken here (it would be cool!), my Californian port city and its East African cousin undoubtedly have many cultural things in common like:


The photos I chose for the above slide show combine beaches and a few port shots not from Tanzania, but from here in San Francisco. The two links to Tanzania’s two capital cities were added to provide a little texture to the post.

So, there you have it. Ijummaa, The Swahili word for Friday, led me half way around the world to a country on the eastern quadrant of the African continent with a port city called Dar es Salaam that’s got lots in common with my home port city of San Francisco.

Five ways to Friday indeed!

Thinking about trying the challenge? Sure you are! It’s not too hard to do. Just choose your Friday from the five listed above. Build your post from that and when you’re ready ‘pingback’ by copying your post’s URL and pasting it into the comment section of either this post or the one you find here, on my buddy Dale’s site

UPDATE: Here’s a direct linkage to Dale’s awesome interpretation

KG chose Indonesia from the five Friday choices and actually has photos from a trip there last year! Check out her contribution right here

Sue… Sue just took it … well you can check it out here

Another one of our travellers, Marie, came up with this excellent interpretation

K’lee L. © 2016

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