Nighttime Bridge Photography: Bay Bridge Goes Golden

San Francisco Bay Bridge, nighttime photography, illuminated bridges, bridge graphics

SF Bay Bridge gone golden…

Happy Friday everyone. It almost feels as if this is the first chance I’ve had all week to sit and put together a post for the Obzervashunal. In doing so, I figured I go with another of the graphics I created from a photo shoot I was on with a friend one balmy evening not so ong ago.

I say it often, I don’t get out to shoot in the evenings much mainly because I’m a dawn guy to my heart. This was a rare exception that offered up all kinds of surprises including meeting a couple who’d just made their plans to get married.

For those of us in and around Northern California’s Bay Area, this bridge, the Bay Bridge to call it by its true name, is almost as iconic as its big brother hidden off camera to the left in this shot- the mighty Golden Gate Bridge.

As far as graphical experimentation goes, I didn’t have to do much with this one. The lights illuminating the bridge’s span, the darkness and clarity  of the night sky, combined with the many other lights from the other side of the bay all secretly conspired to give me a great shot.

Here’s hoping that as we move into another weekend, the first in this month of August, 2016, whatever bridges you find yourself crossing in life are illuminated from one side to the other…

K’lee L. © 2016


22 thoughts on “Nighttime Bridge Photography: Bay Bridge Goes Golden

  1. That shot captures everything the bay bridge symbolizes. Like you said with “It’s big brother the Golden gate Bridge” man this was amazing. Do u have that on canvass or a t-shirt

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