What’s the Prompt: Show Me Your Contrast!

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The weekend is here, and here it’s starting cold and gray, but that’s all right. You deal with the weather as all else.

One excellent way to take my mind off the weather is to consider the latest ‘K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge’. This week it’s my buddy Dale’s turn to bring the challenge and bring it he did.


What does that word make you think of? If you were calling up a visual, a photo you or someone you know took as it relates to CONTRAST, what would it be?

There in lies your challenge for this coming Monday; defining contrast with an image of your choosing, your reimagining, your creativity. Ironically, as simple as this concept seems, I know it’s a good thing for me I’ve got the remainder of the weekend to choose my image for Monday.

We’ve been getting so many excellent responses on these weekly challenges, I know I want to keep looking to create interesting work of my own.

So, is your interest piqued? Do I have you considering joining our challenge this week? If so, it’s not too hard to do. You can create your post, title it in a similar way to what Dale has on his site or what I have for this post. Furthermore, you can ‘pingback’ by copying the URL (web address) of your post and paste it into the comment section of Dale’s or my own Monday post bearing the cosmic challenge title. Lastly, add the tag, #CosPhoChal to your tag section and you’re done!

See you for a compare and CONTRAST on Monday!

K’lee L. © 2016

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