What’s The Prompt: Futuristic Friday

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… dreaming of a new prompt…

Happy Friday to Everyone Everywhere:

As we bring yet another week to its weekend, my mind turns to, well something like what I imagine the above sculpture’s mind would turn to if it were thinking up a new prompt for this coming Monday’s ‘K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge’.

Dale and I can now say we’ve each put together a nice body of cosmic photo challenges to test those of you wanting to take on the test. We both have tabs on our respective sites that will let you see just what those past challenges entailed and how some of our highly creative friends on the WP responded.

Looking back… got me thinking… forward… into the FUTURE that is… enough so that I decided our next cosmic challenge should deal with the future.


The word of the day; meant to allow you to play all weekend with an idea of what FUTURISM means to you. Dale and I always encourage our challenge takers to define the prompts in any way you want. Just try to make it… well, about the future.

As always, I’d tell you mine, but then I’d have to immediately erase your memory and doing so could prove problematic… it has in the past … once…

So, with the challenge set, here’s what you do if you choose to join us:

Create your post. You have the whole weekend to do so. In actuality, you have more time than that, but if you want the world to see your response on Monday… well, you know.

Next, copy the URL (web address at the top of your post’s page) and paste it into the comment section of either my Monday’s Cosmic Photo Challenge post, or the one you’ll see on my buddy Dale’s site come Monday. Next, add the tag #CosPhoChal to your post’s tags and guess what? you’re done!

Easy, right?

K’lee L. © 2016

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