Colors of the Dawn: San Francisco’s Aquatic Park

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I’m going to say I first discovered the magic of San Francisco’s Aquatic Park on one of my first rides out to the Golden Gate Bridge one morning just before dawn years ago.

On this particular dawn-start, with color starting to seep into the sky, I decided to stop and watch the show instead of pushing on to the bridge. Besides, what you can’t see in these photos made into silk-like paintings is the seriously steep incline a mere two minutes away. Good reason to wait, right?

Looking back, I’m going to say the decision to wait for the dawn was a good one. I’ve yet to see another ‘coming of the dawn’ quite like this one. Not to say over the year or so since these shot were taken other beautiful mornings didn’t paint the sky. This one though… this one was special on a couple levels. I suppose it had to do with the silence, the scents of trees and ocean; that undefinable aroma the dawn sometimes has here in San Francisco.

In posting these shots today, I’m reminded and I hope you are too, that every now and again it’s worth it to stop, look and simply appreciate… Doing so can make a bad day seem better and a good day seem great… it did for me.

K’lee L. © 2015 /2016

21 thoughts on “Colors of the Dawn: San Francisco’s Aquatic Park

    1. Thanks, Diana. It seems every time I head out open and willing to let nature be the one dictating the experience, I manage to capture extraordinary things. I don’t plan on changing this attitude any time soon. The gifts are so frequent and bountiful, I’d be a fool to lessen my expectations…

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    1. Thank you for saying that! I’m tempted to ‘hold on to my secret methodology’, but it means nothing if I don’t share it. I use a feature found in a bit of photo software called Pixlr. It really is an amazing photo editing suite that I combine with my basic editing which can be done on any software. Definitely worth checking out.

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  1. I enjoyed your colorful and artistic photographs of Aquatic Park, K’lee. I really like AP, it’s a corner of nature and enjoyment so unlike it’s neighbor Fisherman’s Wharf. That you caught the dawn is special.

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    1. Thanks, Jet. I think back to first seeing it on a visit and thinking it was such a huge contrast to the over saturated visual and aural experience of Fisherman’s Wharf. Dawn there at AP is very magical on the right morning! I’ve passed through a few times when the Snowy Egrets are fishing. Now that’s magic.


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