A Sunday’s Reflection: Stepping Into the Future of Her Dreams

celebrating the future, Quincenera celebration, coming of age

Happily she steps from the challenging work of the present into the dream of her future…

I’m a big fan of San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts. One reason is it’s become something of a bird sanctuary, which makes it a great place to practice nature photography or just hang out to read / relax.

Within the last year or so, I’ve seen it become a place of life celebrations – from wedding photography, to the Mexican coming-of-age celebration for girls during their fifteenth birthday called Quinceanera.

This (slightly altered and experimented upon) photo comes from such a celebration that passed behind me as I was communing with the local herons and egrets this weekend.

I gave the post a title to reflect what I imagine a girl of this age is beginning to think and feel about her future and the future in general. There are dreams to wish on, plan, and eventually make into reality.

If, by some chance, the girl in this photo should come across this shot and recognize herself, know that I wish you a happy Quinceanera and an even happier future.

K’lee L. © 2016


12 thoughts on “A Sunday’s Reflection: Stepping Into the Future of Her Dreams

  1. That was a perfect show not tell piece man. Image every culture has a right of passage in a way. I wonder what was going on through that young ladies head when she’s peeking through the columns as adulthood awaits her on the otherside. PS yea alot of great birds at the Palace

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    1. Thanks, brother. The almost universal experience; defined in different ways by different cultures, but a step into adulthood nonetheless. She definitely seemed happy. My prayer is she never loses the power of that moment. Yes, the Palace is an amazing place. Right now the bird population is on the up. My camera’s definitely getting a workout.


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