One-Liner Wednesday With Linda G. Hill

It’s Wednesday again; middle of the week for some of us. It’s also ‘One-Liner Wednesdays‘ with Linda G. Hill.  What I’ve been doing when participating is locate a photo then try putting together a ‘one-liner’ that fits with the photo.

For this week’s run, I chose the following image:

Lake Merritt Panorama_glass

My one liner to go along?

Stillness of Self offers opportunity to reflect; to look within and without, to find and express the Highest good of who you are.

K’lee L. © 2016

20 thoughts on “One-Liner Wednesday With Linda G. Hill

  1. Im in a medieval frame of mind. I saw a “castle” with a moat and thought “The land and its King are one.” Perhaps one too many viewings of the movie Excalibur? Lol. Great photo and “one line”, as usual, you have me examing a different perspective.

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        1. Nice!!! I’m starting a new job soon so I have to make this holiday weekend count! We celebrate Labor Day on Monday so many people will have three days. Yes I’m just getting home so I have to check what you’ve put up for us! Make it GOOD, dude!


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