A Nighttime Symphony: The Bay Bridge Through A Frosted Pane

Oakland Bay Bridge, bridges of Northern California, sensational sunsets

The Bay Bridge at night, amazing sunset, frosted glass… what more could you ask for?

I say it often here on Obzervashunal: It’s the rare occasion I’m out this time of the night, and at San Francisco’s hyper kinetic waterfront showpiece the Embarcadero no less! Luckily, I had been out and about in the daytime with my trusty Nikon and saw this sky show coming from hours away. Sleep, I told myself, could wait.

Looking around, it was nice to see at least a hundred other folks with cameras (FWCs???) pretty much had the same idea and level of excitement I did as the skies above downtown started to shift from pale spray paint suggestions  to an outright symphony of colors.

This was one of a bunch of shots I took that night, and being something of  mad scientist when it comes to images, I came up with a frosted pane-look to compliment this sky shot which didn’t really need any other enhancements.

The larger and somewhat world-famous big brother bridge to this, the Bay Bridge, is lurking over to the left of this shot, made more amazing by this crazy sky. But you know what? For this particular night, it was all about the Bay Bridge silhouetted silently behind her frosted pane.

K’lee L. © 2016

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