K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: Glass

Welcome to another Monday everyone. This one happens to coincide with a little celebration called Halloween here in the USA.

Now, while Halloween and all the cool costumes you’ll see come nighttime  makes this Monday something special, what’s also cool is the ‘K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge’. Me and my buddy Dale have been making this a Monday gig for a little while now, and this week Dale offered the challenge through a single word:


That’s our prompt, and one which provides a huge amount of freedom in creating something interesting.

I gave lots of thought to doing something I’ve not done before with a photo or graphic I’ve not  accessed before and all as t could relate to GLASS. With that said, here’s what I came up with:


From a photo of an iridescent fly resting on a pink flower, I decided to ‘place it in a jar’, while still showing the image as a background.

Got an idea about glass you’d like to add to our challenge? It’s not hard to do it at all. Go ahead and create your post. Give it a title similar to what yo see at the top of this post OR better yet, take a look at Dale’s post for today as he’s the creator of this particular challenge. We and lots of others have a great chance to see what you’ve done if you ‘pingback’, a fancy way of saying copy the URL of your post and add it to the comment section of my or Dale’s post, and lastly add the tag #CosPhoChal to the tags of your post and you’re done!

K’lee L. © 2016

15 thoughts on “K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: Glass

      1. I’m not sure how “in a graphic sense” would differ in this case from “in a physical sense”. I envisioned your jar filled with water, in the exact position it now occupies in your photo (as long as it’s full to the brim and leak proof). It should act as a magnifier that might add another facet to the fly’s appearance. It could just be a total bust, too. lol

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        1. Oh, see this is a graphic! No actual flies were placed in a jar for my post! I took a photo of a fly on a flower some time back and worked a little graphical magic on it. That’s where the question came from. Not sure I’d want to try the physical experiment, lol.

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          1. I knew the “fly” was a photo behind the jar it’s legs stick out beyond the glass, lol. But how might a jar of water magnify the fly photo? (I didn’t stick my Mickey Mouse watch in the water-filled vase. 🙂 )

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