A Deeper Look Inside My Shop At FAA

reflections, exotic birds, snowy egrets, migratory birds, flight, wings, meditation, thought, black and white photography, San Francisco's Botanical Garden

Does the lake’s reflective surface play its part in the egret’s decision to rest and meditate?

Like my shop kDesignationz  my shop at Fine Arts America represents a place for me to experiment and create, ultimately lending those works to designs thought up and made available by the folks at Fine Arts America.

The above image, a beautiful snowy egret shot (respectfully) within San Francisco’s Botanical Garden, is one of my favorite images used in my designs at my FAA shop. You can see a general overview of the products created with the black and white snowy egret here

red-shouldered hawks, birds of prey, hawks in Northern California, San Francisco's Botanical Gardens

The red-shouldered hawk in resting profile, given my experimental graphic treatment, is also found at my FAA shop.

I suppose what I like most in creating designs here at FAA is the product list is relatively small. This for me means I can focus on a smaller design tableaux before moving on to creating a new piece.

Are you an artist utilizing or considering the FAA site to promote your designs? Let me hear from you. What do you like or not like about the process?


Here’s another repost- post, a reintroduction to my FAA shop and various works available for sale there.

Look for exciting new works soon!

K’lee L. © 2016

8 thoughts on “A Deeper Look Inside My Shop At FAA

    1. Thanks, Sue. I’ve learned to as silent and respectful as possible around these birds. I’m convinced they sense the effort and sometimes reward you with a shot like the one you see here… Um, in color, of course!

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