kDesignationz: The Embossed Great Blue Heron Slideshow

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Today I offer another repost. This one another revisit to kDesignationz, my Redbubble spot. If you’ve not seen it, take a look and see what you think!

Having used yesterday’s post space to spotlight several of the artworks I used to create various pieces found at kDesignationz, my Redbubble spot, I figured the next logical step would be to create an actual slideshow of the pieces made from one specific design.

I called this, ‘Embossed Great Blue Heron because… well, the photograph that went into creating it is of a living, breathing, and flying Great Blue Heron. As an experiment (you know me!), I looked to find a way to give the impression(!) of a design embossed on the surface of the print, or drawstring bag, or phone case.

I did consider using the natural colors present in the photo, but after seeing the first result in this smoky grey, I decided to run with it.

All in all, I like the results, both of the great blue heron design, and of using- once again- WP’s slideshow feature to show an entire collection of items without having to lift a finger to click a mouse or scroll a tablet or phone screen.

UPDATE: I’ve been asked recently about the possibility of some color variants to this design. I like the idea of adding a few, so look for them coming soon!

K’lee L. © 2016

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