Silently on Saturday: On the Eve of a New Year

A last Friday posting of 2016, followed by a last Saturday posting of 2016.I searched high and low for an image that felt representative to how I’m feeling this somewhat cold, cloudy, quiet Saturday morning here in Northern California.

I figure with it being the ‘eve of a new year’, I shouldn’t force myself to try summing 2016 up with a single image, but another of my slideshows, this one spotlighting some of the images I posted in my ‘Silently on Saturday’ series and a few others that didn’t make the cut because I ran out of Saturdays.

Here’s hoping all of you whom I’ve gotten to know a bit more about in 2016, will have fantastic 2017s. We have lots to be perplexed/worried/angry/fearful about, based on events this year, but something tells me it’s the focusing in one what we each have to be thankful for that will ‘turn the tide’ and usher in a brighter tomorrows for us all:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Happy New Year!

K’lee L. © 2016

7 thoughts on “Silently on Saturday: On the Eve of a New Year

    1. Thanks, Sheth!!! Glad to know I tuned in on your vibe and included some of your favorites. Thank you for all the support and inspiration in 2016. Hope we both have awesome 2017s. Have a great Saturday… silently or not!

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