Silently on Saturday: The King’s Gaze

I am unabashedly a BIG cat person. By big cat, I don’t necessarily mean the sixteen through thirty pound variety. Although I’ll always remember the sixteen pound black cat with the beautiful yellow eyes who stole my heart against my wishes. Rest in peace, Dakota.

The cats I speak of here are the ones weighing in at hundreds of pounds. The cats who hunt lush savannahs, Asian Steppes, and dense jungles the world over. When I make trips to zoos, it’s without a doubt the stops at the big cat cages that relax me and fill me with awe every time.

If I had to choose ONE big cat that stands head and shoulders above all others, it would be the BLACK PANTHER. Having said that, I don’t have a photo of one… yet, but one day. Instead, I leave you with one of my favorite LION shots, take some time ago and as is my wont, given a bit of effects work.

big cat photography, lions, zoo photography

The king’s gaze can hypnotize…

Here’s hoping your Saturday unfolds silently…

or not?

K’lee L. © 2017

12 thoughts on “Silently on Saturday: The King’s Gaze

    1. Right? A quick story: I went to see the tigers at the zoo one day while they were indoors. A huge Siberian jumped up on the platform in front of me and literally looked right into my eyes. I felt people around me backing away, but I stayed still and kept my eyes locked with his. A few moments later, he simply laid down in front of me and went to sleep! A guy next to me became spooked and told his friends I caused the tiger to lay down…

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    1. I actually have to give the effects credit to IrfanView, a fantastic free program. As for the San Diego Zoo, yes, I did see the black panther there years ago. Beautiful cats!


        1. Hmmm, not always the case though. We have a Black Rhino saved from poachers who took his horn. We have a one-year old lion whose parents were born here. He gets to grow up with his family at least. Ideal? No. We humans who might never get to travel to see them in a natural habitat get to see and appreciate them.


          1. Wasn’t aware I was trying to convince you of anything, dude. You are welcome to never ever checking out a zoo. I won’t think less of you. I’m thankful we have one. I look forward to my next visit.

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