K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: The Elements

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The Elements!

Two words, representing the, ‘K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge’ on this brand new Monday in February.

We were given this prompt by my buddy Dale this past Friday and since then, I’ve had two two distinct notions rolling around in my head as to how I’d answer. One was to somehow utilize the periodic table of elements, a scientific breakdown of metal and non-metal chemical components. I didn’t choose this route and as of today, am glad I didn’t because Dale posted a fantastic answer to his own challenge using this very concept!

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I figured because of that great posting, I’d go with my second choice, The Elements as it pertains to weather and more importantly the moods certain types of weather can instill in us.

Here then is my rendition of The Elements, taken from new and old photos I feel do a good job of representing those ‘weather moods’ and attitudes.

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Now, let it be noted, I in no way think my meager collection of weather-related shots cover the entire spectrum of what we define as The Elements, but they do show some of my favorite captured moments.

What about your Elements? Joining in on our challenges is really not so hard. Here’s what you’d need to do:

Create your (challenge-related) post as you’d do any post. Give it a title similar to the one you’ll find through the link to Dale’s site, or the one you see here on Obzervashunal. Create a ‘pingback’ by copying your fresh, new post’s URL and pasting it into the comment section of either Dale’s or my challenge post. Lastly, be sure to use our #CosPhoChal tag along with your tags and you’re done!

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