Silently on Saturday: Touching the Cosmos

I’m treating the image used for this posting  to my ‘Silently on Saturday’series as something of a departure from the ‘norm’. Generally, I try to use relatively quiet, peaceful, meditative shots, shots that feel as if they fully belong to a post beginning with the word ‘silently’.

This image is not that.

What it is, at least for me, is as the second portion of the title suggests; touching the cosmos, a graphical fantasy, me letting my imagination run wild on the colors and yes, the wholly metaphysical notion of reaching out a hand and …touching the


Here’s what I mean:


Silent? Not likely, but it’s true to what I’m feeling for this post, so I’ll let it be.

Here’s hoping you all are enjoying your Saturday…

…silently or not?

K’lee L. © 2017

19 thoughts on “Silently on Saturday: Touching the Cosmos

  1. I love this. Is it yours? I’d love to send a copy of this to the man in my blog in prison. If you have no window can you imagine what he could see in this universe? The color alone would go so well on his gray walls radiating everywhere!

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    1. Hi SonniQ. Yes, this is one of my creations, born from a photo I took of myself(ie). I’ll give permission to you to send it, but you must credit it to me and my site, Obzervashunal if you would. I certainly can’t imagine what not having access to something so basic to us all as the sky is like. If you believe my art can lift someone up I’m okay with that. Let me know if you get any feedback?


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      1. Yes, I always give credit. I’m getting ready to send him mail now. He’s been in adseg (solitary) for a lot longer than it is legal but it is because they call it by another name. He had a window once and he could see the moon. He said he’d stand for hours watching it. There is so much we take for granted. He’s 34 and has been locked up for 15 years counting juvenile detention for the crime of being black. He will be almost 40 when he gets out. I think he will spend hours going into your universe as a way to leave his cell.

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        1. Thanks for this… it means a lot to know my art can be of this kind of help. You’re right. We do take lots of simple things for granted. I fully believe my art is ‘given’ to me because I’ve always considered nature and its many miracles blessings to help us make it through this life. Please let me know what your friend thinks of the work? Also let him know my prayers are with him. Perhaps that freedom will come sooner rather than later…


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