K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: Gimme The Night

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Ah, finally a moment in a somewhat crazy Monday to sit, reflect, and pull together my latest post in the ongoing, ‘K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge’.

Oh, be sure to check out what Dale’s got happening over at his site right here

This past Friday, I offered the latest of our prompts. I called it:


In choosing this prompt, I got to thinking I’m probably like a lot of you in that many of my shots tend to focus on the daytime; photography that takes advantage of changing light scenarios, which, let’s face it- are usually more versatile thn night light.

With all that said, here are the nighttime shots I came up with (once again in a slideshow format I tend to favor!):

I suppose it would also make sense to give some hints as to what and where these shots took place! I start with the most iconic shot-

The Golden Gate Bridge NOT full on night, but as night was giving way to day… I still call it night.

Gate B is one of out ferry terminals used to shuttle working folks and tourists from one side of the bay to the other. That’s the Bay Bridge in the background.

A city silhouette just as night approaches. It’s not far from the Gate B shot or the last photo of this series with the couple…

The engagement shot! I was out with my friend Viva, a sensational photographer, when this couple walked by letting everyone know they’d just gotten engaged! Viva was first to ask if we could take a few photos. (She really is good, so as a gift, she sent them copies.) I think that was my first ‘we’re engaged’ on the waterfront here in San Francisco. It was very cool and I still feel blessed to have taken this shot of the couple with again, the Bay Bridge in the background.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, there you have it. My version of GIMME THE NIGHT… in ‘K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge’ style.

You can join us with very little hassle, you know. Here’s what you’d need to do:

Create your post as you normally would. Copy the URL of your freshly rendered post, and paste it into the comment section of either this post or the post of my buddy Dale whose site can be found linked above. (that’s called creating a ‘pingback’). Next, be sure to use the thag #CosPhoChal with whatever other tags you use and guess what? Your done!

K’lee L. © 2017

18 thoughts on “K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: Gimme The Night

  1. Love the title. I’ll have George Benson’s song ringing through my head all day now, and that’s a good thing because I always liked that song.

    Great skyline shot, and it’s a good omen to find a couple that publicly announces their engagement like that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You Sir, have exceptional musical taste! 🎼🎤🎸🎹The tune by the legendary Mr. Benson is also one of my favorites. As for the couple, yes they were in a fantastic mood. She was genuinely surprised by his asking, which to both me and my photographer friend Viva made for the perfect photo opportunity.


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