Silently on Saturday: Paint Me An Ocean

It’s funny how any extend period of time away from the ocean gets me thinking about … being at the ocean… Hmmm…

Spend any time perusing this here blog thing of mine and you’ll realise my fascination with oceans and seas run deep, it always has and I’m thinking always will.

With that said, my  Silently on Saturday image for this Saturday deals not only with the ocean, but with one of the larger vessels that move in regular routes across its surface. I was fortunate to catch this image on a pretty turbulent morning of heavy waves and bright sun.

I later decided to do what I do with a number of my photographic images, I gave it the look of a painting and upped the blue tones:

ocean photography, painted graphics, Saturday

Silent tanker on the raging sea


Hope your Saturday’s unfolding just the way you want…silently or not…

K’lee L. © 2017

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