Silently on Saturday: Breakfast At the Pier

Another Saturday, another image meant to reflect a tiny facet of this amazing city I love. This shot was taken early one morning long before the city proper began to stir. We here in San Francisco have a number of spots known to tourists and residents alike. Here’s one of them.

Follow the piers here along the miles long stretch called the Embarcadero, and you’ll eventually reach Pier 39, a group of piers, loud seal colonies, restaurants, fishing vessels and once the sun’s up- lots of people.

At the heart of Pier 39 are the shops catering to just about everything from clothing, to knives, sports paraphernalia, you name it.

Early one morning, I found the following shop window, lit from within with predawn golden light. I thought it would make a nice ‘Silently on Saturday image:


SF Under Glass

Early morning Pier 39 window light.


Here’s hoping the rest of your Saturday unfolds silently… or not?

K’lee L. © 2017

10 thoughts on “Silently on Saturday: Breakfast At the Pier

    1. Lol! Two blocks, huh. Where u at? Funny how The Pier is a different monster once the City wakes up, isn’t it? Hey, you took a cruise! That’s something I still haven’t got to!🛳🚢👍🏾

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      1. Yeah I live over here. No, I never had been on the cruise ship. It was docked here at pier 27. Yea pier 39 looks crazy sometimes especially at night.

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        1. That’s a good spot in the city. I use to do lots of early morning walking over that way just so I could see the piers in their quiet state! My biking route to the GGB brings me over there too. I do like watching the cruise ship come in too. They remind me of the aircraft carriers the Navy has.

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