Dreamland: Home to Some of My Most Creative Ideas

Hi All,

Today’s post is a little ‘tongue-in-cheek, but pretty much true… for me anyway.

I did the image below a few years back to make fun of our desperately cold weather one winter. (an incredibly cold forty degrees!) Friends and family on the East Coast all laughed at me, a few even going so far as to virtually take back my ‘deal-with real-cold card!

Of late I’ve wanted to use this image to speak to the concept of ‘Dreamland’, a place where some of my best ideas, whether they be in written form, musical, photographic, or graphic, come to life.

Hence, Dreamland- the image was born:



..you can’t really tell, but I’m bundled under two quilts. I’m wearing not only a white hoodie, but I’ve got a wool beenie and headphones on…

…yeah… I know…

Happy Thursday…

K’lee L. © 2017

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