Silently on Saturday: Heron Through the Rushes

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This ‘Silently on Saturday image comes to you on…

Sunday… yes, Sunday because of a few time constrains keeping me from giving the right amount of myself to its posting…

…on Saturday.

Okay, with that stated and somewhat clarified, I bring you a new image and, as many of them have been for this particular series, nature is involved.

Far more times that I can count, I’ve gone out with my camera not with a specific capture in mind, but with a sense nature would show me what She wanted me to witness.

What She required of me, what She always required of me is to stay present so that once the moment is before me preparation and some bit of experience takes over, leading me to yet one more miraculous obzervashun in the world we all live in.

Here’s what I discovered and was shown:



great blue heron, San Francisco's Botanical Garden

Nature’s gift through the camera’s eye…


The majestic and elegant Great Blue Heron, flying past the rushes in San Francisco’s Botanical Garden. A shot worthy of the wait and a great addition for the ‘Silently on Saturday’ series.

Here’s hoping your Saturday and Sunday happened and is happening silently…

…or not?

K’lee L. © 2017

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