Silently on Saturday: Seeing the Light in the Darkness

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Another Saturday here on Obzervashunal brings me to another post and image  I feel speaks to my mood today.

Today I offer an image and a prayer to my good friend Michael. I would first say, the original image was taken in brightest sunlight, framed by the crystal blueness of the ocean in the background.

As I worked on this image, I found myself considering darkness in the sense of the many challenging situations we all pass through in life, situations which cause hurt, pain, confusion, uncertainty.

Once I’d finished the work I thought necessary with this image, the title of this post suggested itself to me immediately.

Ultimately, all I really want to say in this post and to my friend Michael is this:

Hold on

Stay strong

Darkness may come

But surely it never comes to stay

This is not the true goal of darkness

The goal of the darkness is to remind us

the Light will eventually return

as it must:

black and white photography

The light is never far from the darkness


May whatever remains of your Saturday be experienced silently

…or not.

K’lee L. © 2017

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