Silently on Saturday: The Light in a Tiger’s Eyes

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Another Saturday has come to visit for a short while, suggesting, as it has been for some weeks now, I create a brand new post for my, ‘Silently on Saturday’ series.

In looking for the ‘right’ image to represent this particular Saturday, I turned to Nature, and in particular, a photo of one of the big, beautiful tigers found here at the San Francisco Zoo.

Would I have preferred taking the picture out in the wild, in one of many natural tiger habitats across the globe?

You bet I would!

But, until that time, I settle for the occasional visit to see the big cats of our pretty decent zoo:

Tiger Eyes

Tiger, tiger bask in the light…


Beautiful, right?

I think so and, as I said earlier, I look forward to the day when it’s me and my camera attempting to get photos of tigers free and out in the open, living tiger lives with nary a cage in sight.

I should also add this shot has had some ‘treatment’, giving it a papery look and feel. It’s all in the name of experimentation.

Here’s hoping your Saturday proceeds silently… or not?

K’lee L. © 2017



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