Silently on Saturday: Baby Owls Preparing For Flight

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Silently on Saturday… a silent photographic meditation…

A new ” Silently on Saturday’ posting takes me once more into the natural world. Kind of hard not to be in and of the natural world, isn’t it? It’s not too hard here in San Francisco, with Mother nature continuing her springtime showing at near to full capacity as we end the first week of May in the year twenty- seventeen.

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring your attention back to our magnificent Golden Gate Park and the extraordinary spectacle known as ‘owl branching’.

Young owls, finally ready to leave the nest they’ve been inhabiting for some six to eight weeks, now, one by one (I’ve been tracking three in this current nest), are beginning to hop outside the nest in order to test their wings, get better views of the coming and goings of other birds- including their own parents, so as to learn exactly what they need to become one of the many airborne entities doing their thing in and around the park.

Exciting times in my humble obzervashun.

The photo I chose has been given the ‘painted graphic’ treatment I’m sometimes known for.

It looks a little something like this:



Golden Gate Park Wildlife

it’s only a matter of time…

Surely there’s more of this tale to be told in the coming days/weeks. Here’s hoping Obzervashunal can be part of that telling.

Here’s to also hoping your Saturday is telling its own tale… silently or not…

K’lee L. © 2017

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