Silently on Saturday: The Finch’s Song

silence, meditation, Saturdays, weekends

The purpose, I continually tell myself, of my ‘Silently on Saturday postings is to bring about an image which conveys, you guessed it:


tree branches, blue sky and branches, silk painting

Every now and again, a photograph taken of a subject, which at the time was anything BUT silent, seems like the right choice.

golden gate park wildlife

Today’s image(s) (once more rendered graphically), easily falls into this category. As the title suggests, it’s of a finch AND it has to do with his/ or her song.

finch song, golden gate park, wildlife

Ironically, if the volume of this finch’s song had been a little less, I might not have noticed the bird and/or taken the twelve or so shots I ended up taking.

golden gate park, wildlife photography

…some birds can be such showoffs, and while this particular bird remained for a short while anything but silent, he/she silenced me long enough to enjoy the song and give a (silent) thanks for the gift- showing off or not.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s hoping your Saturday transitions into Sunday silently…

…or not.

K’lee L. © 2017


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