Silently on Saturday: Two Towers of the Moon.

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Silently on Saturday… a silent photographic meditation…



Welcome to a new, ‘Silently on Saturday’ posting here on Obzervashunal. After lots of…. okay, maybe after not so much deliberation, I decided to go with an image taken some time ago and seen here previously. I did his because the image you’re about to see spoke to me today just as it di the first time I decided to use it in a post here on Obzervashunal.

Sepia toning; a not-quite-black-and-white toning that nonetheless, gives the feeling of things nostalgic and reminiscent of the past. This one speaks to the dynamic architectural brilliance of teh city of San Francisco.

see what you think below:

TransAmerican Building, Coit Tower

On the left, the TransAmerican building. On the right, Coit Tower. Both beautiful, set in an ominous, nostalgic sky…


Here’s hoping your Saturday is one of silence….

… or not?

K’lee L. © 2017


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