Silently on Saturday: Salutation to the Sun- Graphically Reinterpreted

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Silently on Saturday… a silent photographic meditation…

Welcome to a brand new Saturday here at OBZERVASHUNAL.

Saturdays of late have meant new postings of the ‘Silently on Saturday variety and this Saturday is no different.

Whist digging through my photographic archives, I came across a shot taken oh, about a year or so ago, and thought it perfect for a day like today; sunny, warm- the kind of day I wish I’d been out and about at dawn to experience, but didn’t/wasn’t.

One of my great pleasures from last year I’ve not made enough time for this year (yet!) is a bike trip out over San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge at dawn. It’s a very special time of the morning here and a very special ride built on a pathway it’s taken some time to construct!

Having said all that, let me also say this image is actually a graphic representation of the original photo I took at the time. It looks a little bit like this:


Dawn at San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge

greetings and salutations to the dawn…


A dawn experience I’m ready to have again REAL soon!

Here’s hoping wherever you are your Saturday is developing silently…

…or not?

K’lee L. © 2017

6 thoughts on “Silently on Saturday: Salutation to the Sun- Graphically Reinterpreted

    1. Thank you! Yes, it’s been a great Saturday even with the arrival of a ‘heat wave’. I consider dawn especially to be an almost sacred time. It is when I feel most alive and conscious. Dusk is beautiful as well, but I don’t get to experience it as much as I’d like. Hope your Saturday was a good one too.🌞🌞🌞

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